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Address: Khalid Bin Al Waleed Road near Royal Ascot Hotel, PO Box 8305, Dubai, Dubai,

Telephones: +971 4 3797364

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1 Review

Created on 10 May 2014 Ryan

Absolutely HORRIBLE property management company. They want your money and nothing more. Consider that once you hand over your cheque to these crooks it will be like pulling teeth to have anything completed. I have been living in darkness in my flat in Marina's Princess tower for the past three weeks due to a number of ballasts blowing in succession. Fellowship Properties has been appointed and paid to take care of these lighting issues along with the large cracks forming in numerous walls in the apartment from the building settling. They have done nothing whatsoever to address the issues other then avoid returning my calls. I highly advise anyone reading this to do anything in your power to avoid having anything to do with these lazy crooks. Shadad and Majid are the managers and are about as usefull as a one legged man in an ar$e kicking contest.